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Music Stage

⬤  LED Video Wall
⬤  Integrated Audio System
⬤  House Amplification
⬤  Programmable Hazer
⬤  House Backline
⬤  Multiple Room Configurations

Green Room

⬤  Live Recording Capabilities
⬤  Small Acoustic Performances
⬤  Custom Stocked Bar
⬤  Equipment Available
⬤  Direct Stage Access


⬤  Integrated Live Streaming
⬤  Programable Lighting
⬤  Integrated Audio System
⬤  Versatile LED Video Wall
⬤  Podcast Production
⬤  Direct Stage Viewport


⬤  Full Recording and Streaming
⬤  Seats up to 4 People
⬤  3 Video Angles
⬤  TV for Notes/Call-Ins
⬤  Fully Soundproof

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Caribou Room
W136 N5285, Campbell Dr
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


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